Welcome to Joyful Earth Reiki which encourages happiness and the well-being of people, plants, animals and Mother Earth!

What is the mission?   I have distilled it down to this –> To generate joy through Reiki.

How do I think we can visualize this?   By sharing Reiki healing methods to balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies, the aim is to revitalize each being and promote harmonious relationships for the highest good.

How do I hope to accomplish this?  By:

  • providing Reiki client sessions and classes at Brandywine Massage & Wellness
  • providing Hands On and Distance Reiki for animals, plants and Mother Earth
  • performing/teaching self-healing
  • being mindful of each living spirit to support a safe, caring, and beneficial environment.

I believe each day is an opportunity to share happiness, kindness, laughter, and to be patient, caring and show gratitude.

I humbly offer what I have learned in my own journey and from those in my Reiki lineage in the hopes of increasing joy.

Joy Always!