Mother Nature’s Meditation Time

Today, the snow kept coming all day long. To many, who had to get to work, or who’s work WAS the snow, it was, I’m sure a long, arduous day. I truly appreciate all who kept the hospitals going, the gas pumps pumping, the traffic safe and many others who maintain our daily lives. Many, many thanks!

It was also a day of wonderment. And, it is this aspect of a snowy day here in PA., which I thought I’d write about. Yes, it reminds me of the joy of childhood sledding, angel wing spreading, snowman building and hot chocolate with cold fingers holding.

Snow, for me, has also always been magical. It seems to bring out the creativity and drive me to want to stay up all night watching it through the window as it covers everything in white sparkles. I even wrote a poem about it when I was a kid, comparing it to detergent and getting everything clean. (Maya Angelou, please forgive me!!)

Along with the childhood memories/fun and the ethereal beauty of it, there is another aspect I find so calming, so peaceful, I am dubbing it Mother Nature’s Meditation Time. And that, friends, is the SILENCE of it. The way everything starts slowly to quiet down. Car tires become muffled. All sounds have a newly developed stifled vibration, like going from the outside into a wintery picture with acoustic coating all over. The word ‘hush’ takes form and seems to fit perfectly.

For those who can take advantage of a day like today, it can be a good time to listen not only for the silent meditation ‘gift’ from Mother Nature. But, also, a good time to feel that silence internally. To treasure it as a healing for our ears, our aura, our emotions. To bring us into the peacefulness of the moment and being mindful of things as small as a snowflake or the cold breath we take as it warms up in our lungs.

This is the time Mother Nature tells us to hibernate, slow down, sleep, take a nap. Every living thing needs a time to stop for awhile and let us just ‘be’.
Even in music, the rest is as important as the notes and can be even more profound.

If you have this time, I hope you can hold this silence close to your heart, your spirit and in your mind. I hope it helps heal whatever hurts and provides a newness of soul. I truly believe the silence of snow is one of Earth’s finest gifts. I hope you can take time to enjoy the peace and wonderment.

I am grateful for the beauty and joy of snow, the inner child it allows to show, the peace it provides, and the nourishment for the earth it feeds. And…I am grateful for the magic of its silence.

Joy Always,