Want to comfort your pet’s arthritic joints? Help them get over the loss of a friend? Or just see your pet fully relax with a ‘spa session’? Reiki can help accelerate their healing and is used in animal shelters, veterinary centers and homes worldwide.

Your pet can enjoy the benefits of Reiki in his/her own home either with Distance or ‘Hands on’ healing.

I feel your Reiki helped my cat Jeb with his stomach, he’s eating better. I also think you found some issues he might be having with his legs. I will not hesitate to have you work on my animals going forward.  Gail

Applying Kathleen Prasad’s Animal Reiki Code of Ethics, Steph uses Distance Reiki from her home. She connects with and invites your pet to guide the session and accept the healing energy for the highest good.

My dog was very relaxed during the session. I found out that his left hind leg and left ear are bothering him, which I will discuss with my vet during his next visit, and that it would make him very happy if he can walk where there are flowers. There are some flowers in the back
of my house, and up until now I’ve stopped him from going back there because of the tall grasses. Steph also told me that he’s scared of a big dog in the neighborhood. There was a big dog next door at our previous house who was always barking and trying to get at my small
dog—which scared me, and must have scared him, too. I know now more than I did before that there is a conscious, sentient mind there that just can’t speak using words. It’s even more important to me nowto make sure that I see his tail wagging as much as possible. Thank
you! C.A.

An initial pet session includes:

  • A 10 minute guided meditation for both pet and owner
  • A 30 minute scan and session with your pet
  • A follow-up review of your pet’s session results
  • A short follow-up discussion after a week (if appropriate)

NOTE: Although a picture of your pet is not necessary, it will be beneficial to the session.

Pricing for Sessions:

  • 1 30 minute Reiki Session – $30
  • 2 30 minute Reiki Sessions – $55
  • A package of 4 30 minute Reiki Sessions – $100

Please send Steph email at info@joyfulearthreiki.com to schedule your pet’s session.

Steph abides by principles meant to enhance your pet’s life while working as an additional modality to other care as needed.   Reiki and this website are not a substitute for a veterinarian’s diagnosis or aid.  If your pet is in difficulty, please contact a professional veterinarian.

Some pet FAQ’s:

  1. What is the difference between Animal Communication and Reiki?  Although a Reiki session by an intuitive practitioner can sometimes provide images or other thoughts from your pet, the main purpose of a Reiki session is for healing.  This article by Kathleen Prasad describes the differences.
  2. How will I know my pet is enjoying a Reiki session? Many animals show outward signs of relaxation, such as sighing, lying down, sleeping, yawning and even presenting the part of their body they wish to feel the healing to the practitioner’s hands.  Others may walk around in and out of the Reiki energy as they become comfortable with their own control of what they wish to accept.