Scooter (2003 – 2016)

About 18 years ago, I got a call from my little sister asking if I could come for a visit and help her with my newly born nephew. Normally, I would say “No Worries” and be on my way. However, for some reason, which I can’t remember, I had to tell her I couldn’t do it. I remember at the time, I had a full time job, but honestly can’t remember the circumstances which were preventing me from being a ‘good big sister and aunt’.

For years, there were times when I would think back to that moment and get a good guilt trip on. Why, oh why wasn’t I there for my little sister, whom I love dearly? I’d give myself a good berating, chalk another mark on the negative side of my life’s report card and mope around for awhile until something else became more important. I felt a little like the Charlie Brown Peanuts character, Pig Pen, with all that dust and dirt swirling around me.

About a year ago, after I’d been working with Reiki and some self-healing for physical issues back in time, I had an ‘AHA’ moment. Why not use Reiki self-healing to work on issues of an emotional/spiritual nature as well? I might be able to resolve the issues and cleanse my spiritual energy at the same time. I started identifying those items which kept pulling me back to negative energy. Sure enough, this one appeared shortly after I started. I added it to my list of Reiki issues. (I have quite a continuing list!)

A few months later, I happened to be sitting with my little sister. After all these years, I found myself bringing the subject up with her. To my amazement, her response was nothing like I worried it would be. At first she didn’t even remember when that situation occurred and when she did, she laughed and told me I shouldn’t have even thought twice about it! She had called our Mom who hopped in the car and was happy to ‘stand in’!

Why do I bring this up as the first blog? Yes, it is a way to introduce one of the 5 Precepts (#2 – Just for Today, Do Not Worry) which USUI Sensei, USUI Reiki Founder, guided us to reflect on morning and evening. It is also a personal example of how worrying about the past can limit our ability to fully enjoy our lives today. All those times of thinking about that situation and surrounding myself with negativity were self-initiated. I just had to find a way to ‘let go’.

Our Reiki teachers instruct us about the importance of trusting the Reiki energy and its ability to work for the highest good. My Reiki Master, Amy Rowland, taught us how her teachers discussed “Issues in the Tissues” – that daily stressors in ours lives can become chronic problems if not released/resolved. In her book, “Anatomy of Spirit”, Caroline Myss describes the concept,“Biography Becomes Biology”, and that our thoughts are retained in our cellular memory.

If we wish to lead healthier, happier lives, we should consider a practice of thinking positively, resolving and cleansing our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical selves. Learning how to “Let Go” of worries and trust in an outcome for the highest good is not an easy task, but it is one on which we can reflect and practice. Louise Hay (a leader in affirmations and positive thinking and sadly, recently passed) practiced exercises on releasing, letting go. She continues to provide positive paths for stepping into a new life with daily affirmations. You can find these here:


Here are three ways to ‘Let Go” of worries as you meditate on more positive outcomes:

  • Write them down on individual pieces of paper and bury them in sand
  • Imagine they are balloons and watch yourself release them as you state “I am ready to release this issue”
  • Practice Reiki self-healing or work with a Reiki practitioner

You may be wondering why I have posted a picture of our kitty, Scooter, with this blog.   Like many, I am on a path to be a better, healthier, person.  Using Reiki with our animal friends is part of my journey and I cherish each day’s chances to offer healing to our menagerie of wild and tame animal friends.

Scooter appeared one day about 14 years ago as a ball of fur with bright loving eyes. Walking down the road, I heard crying and there he was, hanging off the side of a tree. He instantly became a member of our household and if he wasn’t pretending to be invisible under a rug, he’d be chewing my Honeyman’s buttons or giving him chin rubs.

Almost a year ago, his breathing became difficult and labored and our vet said it was time to make a hard decision. Through the years, with each of our pets’ transitions, we celebrate all the happy memories as part of our remembrance of life. But Scooter’s passing keeps coming back to me. I mentioned this to a wonderfully insightful friend of mine. “Ahhhhh” she said. “You have unfinished business.” How right she is. It is time to ‘let go’.

“AHA”, I say – Scooter is next on my list.

May you have a joyful month!